do you know that feeling of completely running your tank dry? you have dealt with so much physical pain, you have nothing more to give, no more that you can do… but then, you have a time when it’s not quite as bad, maybe even good (i use the term ‘good’ loosely, for people with chronic pain and inflammatory diseases good is relative).  personally i find myself in a state of self-preservation.


full definition of self-preservation::: 1. preservation of ones self from destruction or harm 2. a natural or instinctive to act as to preserve one’s own existence. Continue reading

its a choice

soon after having beckham i was so so ready to feel better. the days after delivery i did feel a bit better & experienced some relief (aka some hope) but when you get to the point where you can’t get out of bed & take care of your basic needs or walk into your doctors appointments, better is relative… but i saw an opening, an opportunity, and ran with it. Continue reading