it’s back…

that’s right my P.E.R.I.O.D.

pbeckham was 6 months old (just fyi, that little incentive they say about nursing mom’s not getting their period, not true. mine came back with both of my kids 6 months postpartum). the difference between rylan to beckham is i eased into my cycles, with rylan it took almost 6 months before i started having debilitating periods again. having a baby cleans out the uterus, much like a laporoscopy (which i talk more about in my endometriosis post).¬†with beckham my very first cycle wrecked me, and each cycle worst than the last. Continue reading

the team. the plan.

bc66843f88de7e921d7b2e1748aa716ba23205bcwith beckham’s first birthday in sight, i needed to create a plan for ‘after nursing‘. if it were up to my doctors, they would have preferred i quit nursing & start on my meds at 3 months (if not before). however they do support & respect my decision. a couple times this year i reached my max, the pain was more than i could bare. i threw up my hands and said i’m done. but both times God was so faithful, the next day He filled me with just enough strength & perseverance to do one more day. and here we are a week from beckham’s first birthday Continue reading