a few weeks back i had been in a place of both physical & emotional despair for a while and broke. a dear friend offered up her quite home in the mountains where i could get away to rest my body and connect my soul to the master healer. i called my mom and asked if she would come hold the fort down and which she responded, absolutely. <this is growth, reaching out asking/taking help… note to self do it sooner. Continue reading

name the pain… meet gertrude.

gertude seems to be ever evolving. if i’m being perfectly honest this is a stretch for me. but it has helped me probably more than anything thus far, on this journey of sorting through my health. so essentially i was not (and still do not at times) separate my disease and from who I am as a person. let me give a daily example, 4 pm rolls around my body starts shutting down, i feel ache, without energy, my patients are toasts, I can’t make my family dinner or spend the evening with them, I am in bed as soon as my hubby walks through the door… therefore, I am inadequate as a mom & wife. this directly equates to who JENA is… Continue reading