it’s back…

that’s right my P.E.R.I.O.D.

pbeckham was 6 months old (just fyi, that little incentive they say about nursing mom’s not getting their period, not true. mine came back with both of my kids 6 months postpartum). the difference between rylan to beckham is i eased into my cycles, with rylan it took almost 6 months before i started having debilitating periods again. having a baby cleans out the uterus, much like a laporoscopy (which i talk more about in my endometriosis post). with beckham my very first cycle wrecked me, and each cycle worst than the last.

p7after three cycles i was in to see my primary doc to discuss the plan for after i was done nursing. she felt these periods were making it more difficult to manage & properly access the pain of my RA & fibro. she suggested an IUD would help manage my periods & hormones while acting as a very reliable contraceptive (which would be very important in the coming months as i begin a couple RA meds that can cause birth defects). i followed up with my obgyn, and she agreed it would be a great option for me.

p9they told me it was a fairly quick and uneventful in-office procedure. so i made the appointment to have my mirena IUD placed on the same day as my thumb surgery. i went in first thing, doc told me the most painful part was actually placing it, it took all of ten minutes and was NOT bad at all. so i was like, perfect, piece of cake. i felt fine leaving & my hubby picked me up curbside. logistically it was a bit of a hassle to have my hubby pick me up, but they recommended it as i might be a little crampy… a little crampy? i am a lot crampy 5 days a month and i don’t get a chauffeur. but because i am a stickler for rules, i complied. and oh-my-goodness in the next five minutes I would be VERY glad i did. i started having horrible cramps, the remaining 15 minute drive home took forever. when we arrived i realized i did not have strength in my lower half, so i used my hands to pick my legs up & place them on the ground, thinking if i could just get them under me i’d be able to walk it out. i tried to stand and crumbled to the garage floor. my husband scooped me up and carried me to my bed. thankfully my mom was at home helping with the kids. mom & adam wanted to get me pain medicine but i said no, because at this point i was still convinced i would still be able to have surgery (& i could not eat or drink anything). mom suggested i get up with her help and walk it out. she tried to get me IUDup and i passed-out in her lap. she even said i stopped breathing… i came to in even more pain. adam spoke with the doc and made an executive decision to give me pain meds & forgo the surgery. but 20 minutes went by and the meds were not even touching the pain, so the doc suggested we come back. everyone loads in & adam once again carries me to the car. my obgyn did an ultrasound to make sure the IUD had not perforated the uterus. it was all perfect. so they gave me a shot to help manage the pain, it helped just enough. then she prescribed roxicodone for pain every 4 hours, and if i tried to wait longer between doses i paid for it. i was in bed for 3 days, with very painful hip & pelvis pain.

p8and as if that wasn’t enough torture, the pain killers were a bit much for my stomach, so i starting taking zofran for the nausea. but i started getting a pretty bad headache, by the next day it was a full fledge migraine (one of my very worst to date, and i have had some doozies). it felt like someone had taken an ax to the top of my head and split it open. the most annoying part was i had to pee every 20 minutes without fail. the getting up & lights were excruciating. my doc said the migraine was probably triggered by the amount of stress my body was under. after trying a couple doses of my migraine medicine, adam took me up to the er and they gave me a shot. it took a couple hours but finally started to let up.

p3by the next morning i was doing much better. but my heart started racing i was having problems breathing. apparently that is one of the side effects of the migraine shot. Whew it was a long, hard 6 days and my thumb surgery had been reschedule for the next day… to say the least it was exhausting.

p5and it is not over. i cramped pretty bad (not hospital, loss of the use of my legs, pain med bad) but my typical bad period bad. it went on for weeks. little by little i would get a couple days of reprieve and the pain would come back for 5 days. it felt like i had the worst part of my period for 5 days and a couple lighter days and then start over again. they warned me i would ‘spot’ for about 3 months, then no period at all after that. but i more than spotted, and you can only use pads… it was a mess to say the least.


so why keep it in? is everyone’s question… a valid question. mom & adam wanted me to take it out that first day… honestly i could not bear the amount of pain i endured those first three days being all for not. i know my body does things at extremes. & mostly i knew it was the best option for my situation. it not only was going to be the best form of contraceptive while going on my meds but would also tame my hormones & painful cycles so we could focus on managing my RA.  i knew if i didn’t give it my all, i would always wonder if it would have worked. believe me people, i would not have made it if it was just for contraceptive alone & none of these variables existed.

p6so i am about 8 weeks out as of this post and thankful i kept it. i am not alone in that, my primary doc felt so bad about what i had gone through but was so proud & thankful i kept it. i am still spotting but my period-like symptoms have tamed down for the most part. and i am hopeful in another month i will get to say goodbye to my period for good.

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